We are your partner! ACS can help:

  • Budgeting

  • Value Engineering – Let ACS help you win the job. We can offer you the widest range of options in the industry to help you value engineer and close the job. From traditional fabrication techniques, piece consolidation to minimize labor, to utilizing our automated production line, we can help you find a unique and cost-effective solution for almost any project.

  •  Installation and Connection suggestions to increase efficiencies

  •  Our line of Cast Stone Masonry Units is 100% wet cast. We offer standard sizes and large format units up to 1’-4” x 3’ x 3 5/8”. Our machine-made units are a perfect match in color, texture and finish to our custom pieces.

  • Custom pieces up to 30,000lbs.

  • For LEED intended projects our proprietary mix designs ACS30 and ACS40 have 30% and 40% recycled content respectively

  • Our GraniteCast™ and KasotaCast™ are unique products that can help give you a cost advantage over natural stone.

“Properly Fabricated Product Delivered to the Jobsite on Time”