Job Posting

Industrial Designer, West Chicago, IL. 

Develop and design ACS’ category-molded manufactured concrete products. Utilize computer aided industrial design software (CAID) to create a scale or full-sized prototype of approved designs or virtual models. Modify and refine designs using working models to conform to customer specifications, production limitations or changes in design. Create prototypes 3-D printer or CNC router with CAD software for both free forms and wet cast machines. Direct and coordinate 3-D models for sold projects. Develop suite of digital tools for CNC machines. Prepare & present design ideas to Architects and Designers based on factors such as appearance, safety, function, serviceability, budget, and production. Evaluate fabricated models, draft working drawings and specification sheets as well as product safety, appearance, and function to determine design feasibility and practicality. 

Reqs: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Industrial Design or related field and 4 years’ experience in a position assembling, operating, testing, and troubleshooting CNC machines, including routers, wire cutters and scanners, and utilizing 3-D CAD modeling software, Rhino and MasterCam.

Send resume to Jackie Hensley, ACS Management Group, LLC, 2775 Norton Creek Drive, West Chicago, IL 60185 or by email to